Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tell the President of Wayne State University to Halt Cruel Heart Experiments on Dogs

I cannot believe such evil still exists. Please sign the petition HERE to stop this evil

Rogue, a brown, black, and white hound, endured months of experimental surgeries, having nine devices implanted in her body and being forced to run on a treadmill. At just 15 months old she died in October 2012 in a laboratory at Wayne State University in Detroit, where she was being used in cruel and misguided experiments. Unfortunately, Rogue was neither the first nor the last dog to suffer and die like this, but with your help we can stop these experiments once and for all.

The experiments Rogue was used in have been conducted for more than 20 years at Wayne State. Over that time, hundreds of dogs have been used and killed with no human health benefits to show for it. Since 2000, more than $8 million in taxpayer funding—doled out by the National Institutes of Health—have gone to these experiments.

Epidemiological studies, such as the Framingham Study and Methodist Study, continue to give researchers insight into the causes of heart failure, while human clinical trials provide treatment and prevention options.

Please tell M. Roy Wilson, M.D., M.S., president of Wayne State to end these experiments immediately and focus on human-relevant research.

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