Thursday, February 23, 2017

Over-Showering Bad For Gut Microbes

A group of researchers who set out to answer these questions believe showering too frequently may cause immense damage to the microbiome, a group of “microorganisms which are found in association with both healthy and diseased humans,” according to the Human Microbiome Project. These microorganisms are in the form of various bacteria, archaea and viruses. Showering too often may damage these microorganisms designed to stabilize your immune, digestive and cardiovascular systems.

In relation to these findings, some people are completely rethinking their own personal hygiene routines. In a report regarding the study, Metro says MIT graduate Dan Whitlock hasn’t taken a shower in 12 years. Whitlock uses a special mist he created instead that is designed to preserve the microbiome. The product, called Mother Dirt AO+ Mist, is also said to contain a reasonable amount of “good bacteria” to revitalize the body. Some of this “good bacteria” is said to be found in our armpits. That explains why washing them every few hours might be counterproductive rather than beneficial to your hygiene.

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