Friday, October 4, 2013

Six Reasons I Like Humble People

  • The Humble Are Rare: It is ironic that people today spend so much time declaring they are unique.  They want to stand out in a crowd and be noticed.  Unfortunately that is becoming a majority.  Humility is truly unique. It is the humble who stand out.  When I find a humble person, I know I have found someone special.
  • The Humble Are Selfless Self-important, self-absorbed, and self-promoting.  When you put your self first, this is what you become.  The humble put others before themselves.  Being selfless doesn’t mean you think less of yourself.  It just means you think of yourself less.
  • The Humble Are Confident You can be humble and confident simultaneously.  But, arrogance and humility are always in opposition.  While an arrogant person is often preoccupied with promoting his capabilities, a confident person does not need other people to know they are capable.
  • The Humble Admit Mistakes It takes humility to admit when you blew it.  The humble do not see the need to be perfect, because they already know perfection is impossible.  They see themselves realistically. Therefore, admitting mistakes does not damage their ego.
  • The Humble Show Maturity Some people are naturally humble. Some people gain humility through experience.  Either way, humility is a sign of maturity.  How mature is a petulant child who needs everyone’s attention?  Now compare the humility of aging sport stars versus the people they were during their playing days.  Lack of humility is a sign of immaturity.
  • The Humble Are Good Listeners The humble are very comfortable learning about others and demonstrating the lost art of listening. They do not always dominate the conversation with stories about their own accomplishments or their children’s accomplishments.  The humble always tend to make others feel important instead of making themselves feel that way.  They do that by listening.
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