Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Programming In Time For Dinner

“The best time-saving trick for programming is to think before you type,” says programmer and podcaster John Siracusa. “Young programmers usually want to dive right in and start coding. But being forced to stop and do something else, by your kids or other family obligations, gives your brain a chance to process things. Heading to bed and resuming work the next day is almost always a much more efficient use of time than trying to stay up until you’ve cracked the problem,” he says. “A tired brain writes bad code. This is true regardless of your family situation. Kids just serve as a handy reminder.”

This same type of thinking is independently echoed by programmer Greg Knauss.

“The biggest change I’ve made, or tried to make, is to simply have a single focus when I’m doing something. If I’m coding, I try to be just coding. If I’m home, I try to be just home,” says Knauss. “It’s conventional wisdom that multitasking simply doesn’t work, and I’ve definitely found that to be the case for me.”

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