Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Animated Genome

Image of a sticker figure man waving The Animated Genome is a 5-minute film featuring innovative production design by Sanan Media.  The music is Patterns by Danny Elfman.

Using disarmingly simple animations of 2-D people, animals, and molecules, Sanan transmits more information about DNA and the human genome using clever images and brisk movement than is typically conveyed by traditional (and often less enjoyable) presentations. The Animated Genome is gracefully produced with an engaging style, a sharp sense of humor, and scientific accuracy.

In a barrage of perfectly overlapped fundamentals of genomics the animation clearly and simply explains  DNA’s triplet code, DNA replication, the ability to offset some genetic tendencies with diet and exercise,  sickle cell anemia, and forensic and genealogical uses of DNA.

“DNA is pretty durable,” we learn. It “can last for 100,000 years if you don’t get cremated.”

Whether you’re looking for entertaining graphics, a way to impress your significant other, or a discussion starter for the classroom, this amazing animation is well worth five minutes of your time.

- Check out the video here

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