Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Best & Worst Study Techniques

Highlighting doesn't work but flash cards might help:
Highlighting or underlining can be a very passive activity. You could be mindlessly underlining or highlighting while you dream of what you want to do after the test. It is a security blanket for many. But it could help if you go back to pages to restudy. When the students go back to re-study, simply re-reading the highlighted portion passively will not help. They should instead use a strategy that is more actively engaging. For instance, make flashcards using the material that has been highlighted can be highly effective.

Summarizatoin doesn't help much:
Surprising low score of one of the most commonly used strategies: Summarization.
It turns out it doesn’t have a great influence on learning. It can be effective for learners who are already skilled at summarizing. But for children, high school students and even some undergraduates, it is less feasible. Based on the research it is not a good use of time.

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