Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Flaw Lurking In Every Deep Neural Net

On a more broader analysis we know that DL networks are not at all like the neural networks in biological brains.  Anyone who says that ANNs and DL networks are similar to biological neural networks doesn’t know much about brains.  The biological and DL networks are so different that the brittleness they are seeing almost certainly does not exist in biological brains.

In a couple of recent talks I have started to point out the difference between ANNs and biological networks to drive home that HTM networks are much closer to biology.

  • biological and HTM neurons have active distal dendrites, ANN neurons don’t
  • biological and HTM neurons have thousands of synapses, typical ANN neurons have dozens
  • biological and HTM neurons have unreliable, low precision, synapses, most ANN neurons rely on synaptic weight precision
  • biological and HTM neurons learn mostly by forming new synapses, ANN neurons only learn by synaptic weight modification

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