Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wisdom Of Peter Singer

For the record, I don't go to any place where Max cannot go except rare occasional visits to restaurants. It was nauseating to see how people misuse the phrase emotional-support animals and I cannot agree with Peter Singer more:

Reflecting on whether it is reasonable to be this inclusive of man’s best friends, I called the Australian philosopher and ethicist Peter Singer, who is best known for his book “Animal Liberation,” which makes a utilitarian argument for respecting the welfare and minimizing the suffering of all sentient beings. Singer takes a dim view of the emotional-support-animal craze. “Animals can get as depressed as people do,” he said, so “there is sometimes an issue about how well people with mental illnesses can look after their animals.” He went on, “If it’s really so difficult for you to be without your animal, maybe you don’t need to go to that restaurant or to the Frick Museum. ”

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