Friday, January 3, 2014

Hampton Creek - Meet The Startup That's Going To Make Eggs (Yes, Eggs) Obsolete

San Francisco-based Hampton Creek is one of those companies. It's trying to replace eggs with a plant-based substitute that's cheaper, but just as tasty and just as good for you. It's backed by Bill Gates, Peter Thiel (who co-founded PayPal, was an early investor in Facebook), and Khosla Ventures.

As for why Silicon Valley investors are interested in Hampton Creek, Tetrick says, "they look at the inefficiency of [the egg industry], it's like, I'm investing in iPhone technology where I can monitor my heart rate, and these f--king eggs are coming from rusty cages with chickens shitting all over each other?"

He adds, "For some reason, innovation decided to pass food along the side of the road. And yet there is this incredible innovation — at least in some part — in energy, in software, in mobile, across the board, and we're still getting our eggs from chickens crammed in rusty cages? Savvy investors like Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, and Vinod Khosla look at this and they think it's f--king bizarre. They think it's antiquated 19th century technology for a world that requires more."

Hampton's next major product under development is going to be its real game changer. It is working on making an egg substitute that scrambles up just like normal eggs. It's working on the taste of the scrambled egg right now. "We're going to get there," says Tetrick.

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