Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wisdom Of The Week

I always had great respect for Peter Thiel; this week, I realized Thiel Foundation is doing some amazing stuff on the animal rights front. Thiel Foundation via BreakoutLabs is investing in:

Modern Meadows:
Tissue engineering is a method of growing tissues that has been developed initially for medical applications. This emerging medical field weaves together several fields of science and engineering to make tissues and organs that can mimic, restore, maintain or improve body function.

Modern Meadow’s scientific team pioneered some of the technologies behind medical tissue engineering and invented a tissue engineering technique based on bioprinting, the 3D assembly of tissues driven by computer controlled processes.

We are now applying the latest advances in tissue engineering to culture leather and meat without requiring the raising, slaughtering and transporting animals. From a technical perspective, our approaches integrate innovations in cell culture, biofabrication and bioreactors.

We are working with leading artists, designers and professional chefs to make early samples of cultured leather and meat of the highest quality.

Hampton Creek Foods:
San Francisco-based Hampton Creek is one of those companies. It's trying to replace eggs with a plant-based substitute that's cheaper, but just as tasty and just as good for you. It's backed by Bill Gates, Peter Thiel (who co-founded PayPal, was an early investor in Facebook), and Khosla Ventures.

And here is the list of projects his foundation is backing.

Peter Thiel in his speech at Effective Altruism Summit 2013 gives some insights about his new book Zero to One: Notes on Start-ups, or How to Build the Future

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